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Topic Interest Groups (TIGs)

Beyond the general Listserv, you'll find a number of Topic Interest Groups (TIGs) which are hosted within Microsoft Teams as channels.  These are extensions of the much-loved "Table-Topics" sessions held at each of our conferences.  Within a TIG, you can share war-stories as well as helpful ideas and information.


Logon to the ACCIS Members' site at and locate the TIG you're interested in participating within:


If your organization is already licensed for Microsoft 365 (and Teams), your local desktop Teams client "should" automatically prompt you to switch organizations. If your organization does not use Microsoft 365 (or you just prefer the web), go ahead and click on the option to "use the web app instead":


First Logon Caveats

Depending on how Microsoft Teams "feels" at the moment, you might be placed into the "Chat" view.  If this is the case, simply switch to the "Teams" view and you'll see all of the Channels:


Additionally, if your local Teams client appears to "do nothing" when clicking on a TIG link, restart your computer (or completely close and re-launch the Teams client).  Users report that after doing this one time, they're able to participate in the Team channels via their local client.

Switching Between Organizations (local client only)

If you're using your local Teams client to participate in the ACCIS TIGs, you can quickly switch back and forth between ACCIS and your own agency's tenants:


Listserv Posts are Archived in the 'General' Channel!

As an added benefit of the TIGs, all posts to the Members' listserv are archived within the 'General' channel. This should help everyone if they'd like locate past posts rather than fishing through their own email:

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