• Q: How do I login to the ACCIS Member's site?

    ACCIS uses Office 365, so please remember to use your "ACCIS username" (e.g.  This is different than your work email address which may be tied to your organization's own Office 365 tenant.

A best practice would be to consistently open links related to ACCIS with an InPrivate/Incognito browser window in order to avoid conflicts with cached credentials:

  • Q: How do I get help with my ACCIS member account?

    Please click on the following link - Account Help  ...and fill out the online request form!

  • Q: How do I send messages to other ACCIS members?

    All member communication is driven by Microsoft Teams.  Please take a look at the following page for information about how things work:
    Member Communication 


  • Q: How do I access the Microsoft Teams site?

    Direct Link -

    ...there is also a link on the main page of the Members' site.  As mentioned previously, always open links related to ACCIS with an InPrivate/Incognito browser window.


  • Q: What are the best practices for working within Microsoft Teams?

    Which version of Teams should I use?
    When working with Microsoft Teams, please use the web version for now.  The Microsoft Teams application on Windows does not currently support the use of multiple credentials/accounts at the same time -

    Always provide a Subject when starting a new Conversation
    When creating a new conversation within Microsoft Teams (not via email), always remember to include a "Subject" line. This can be done by clicking on the "Format" icon and then filling in your subject by replacing the "Add a subject" line:

To become an ACCIS member visit our online registration service. (Registration Information)