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  • Q:  How do I login to the ACCIS Member's site?

    Please navigate to -

    ACCIS uses Microsoft 365, you should have received an invitation to connect your email address to your member account. 

    Please add "" to your organization's email whitelist.


  • Q:  How do I send messages to other ACCIS members?

    All member communication is driven by Microsoft 365 and SendGrid. If you are a member in good standing you can send messages to "".

    Members participating in the listserv will receive messages from "" and all message subject lines will contain "[ACCIS]":

    [ACCIS] Your Message Subject

    Please add a mail rule to whitelist messages with subject lines such as these.


  • Q:  How do participate in the Topic Interest Groups (TIGs)?

    The TIGs are accessed via the ACCIS Members' site. For more information please visit the following page -

  • Q:  How do I get help with my ACCIS member account?

    Please email for assistance.!


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